Zelimir Boric, born 1943 in Split, Croatia. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb under Prof. Josip Biffel
Lived in Finland ( 1978 – 1983 ) and (1986 -1991) . Studied painting at the High School of Art Ateneum in Helsinki, and created significant works there.
Lived in the USA ( 1984 -1985 ) , studied painting at the Fine Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.
A study visit to Paris in summer of 1987.

Participated in :
– Lots of Artist colonies and Humanitarian auctions
– Numerous Solo & Group exhibitions( Croatia, Finland, Poland, USA).


Member of the Croatia Association of Fine Arts
( HDLU )
Lives in Zagreb and works as a free-lancer.

Repeating the theme repertoar and iconographic treatment indicates a indicate a conclusion of metaphysical dimension.

Marijan Spoljar

His rich opus of artworks includes a wide range of various subjects and art techniques:

Drawings – pencil
Drawings  – pencil & color
Ink & Color
Water-color & Ink
Gouache & wax gouache
Oil color
Copper-plate print
Silk-screen print

Except painting, Boric has been continually engaged in design:


Exhibit promoting Dubrovnik by the Tourist Board of Oslo, Norway
Book & magazine covers
Postage stamps
  • Designed 4 Prints for FIAT NUOVO (Helsinki), and WALL  DECORATION  for restaurants and disco clubs (Helsinki)
  • Participated and shortlisted in the International Competition for Hiroshima Anniversary, Japan
Graphic – Musical Portfolio “Dream of Silence” (Zagreb, Croatia)
Graphic Print Portfolio “Testimony” (Zagreb, Croatia)
Participated in many Restoration works & projects ( churches, etc.)
Huge ceramic Relief Sculpture by Ivan Mestrovic

Recently, the artist has also been designing in other areas: textile, porcelain, sportswear, footwear etc.

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